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Natural Horse HELP.  Human & Equine Learning Principles
Human & Equine Learning Principles
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A natural horsemanship facility where you can learn while you board and school your horse.
You have access to 80 acres of land to graze, play, ride, or just hang out on with your horse. A Cover-All indoor arena is available to you on those days where you want to play indoors but still have lighting of the outdoors.
Webcam access to see your horse at play
What we have for you - 3 round pens to choose from when you want to interact with your horse. Obstacles are available for challenging your horse's athletic and mental abilities.
If you could use assistance with your horse or would like new ideas to accelerate and reinforce your bond with your horse, we can help. With years of experience teaching both horses and humans from beginners to the seasoned we will bring out the best in both you and your horse. Andersen Acres believes in helping others which is why Free H.E.L.P. workshops are available each month for boarders and open to the public for a small fee. Savings Cards are also available for lessons for you or your horse.  Family members may also share lessons at the same time at no additional cost. foal

3 environments are offered for your horse at varying plans. We offer basic, premium, and private lodging for your horse at daily, weekly and monthly rates where we supply the hay or you supply the hay. Available to your horse to choose from are free feeding of hay; grain; barley fodder; salt and minerals such as phosphorus and calcium. You can also take advantage of a daily photo update of your horse emailed to you!

Facility Characteristics: 80 acres available plus easements. 72'x154' indoor arena, outdoor arena, round pen. 140' long main barn. 84' long secondary barn. Loafing sheds. Obstacles.

For rates and options see our assistance page.

teaching on horse

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group participation


With years of experience teaching both horses and humans from beginners to the seasoned we will bring out the best in both you and your horse.

Games, group activities, and friends both equine and human will share in your quest to be the best horseman you can be.

Andersen Acres believes in helping others which is why H.E.L.P. activities are available throughout the year.

If you do not have a horse and want to enjoy the love and devotion that such an honorable and majestic creature can give you then Andersen Acres will let you choose one of their select available equines to use.

Take advantage of our video consultation service when time is limited. Provide a 10 minute video and you'll get recommendations on what you and your horse are doing great at as well as what you can improve upon.


Natural Horsemanship: Specializing in educating / training horses that the entire family can enjoy. The training Techniques that we use are the lessons that horses have taught us. We think, act, and feel like a horse in order to ask them to perform to our requests.

Agile methodology: where one basically breaks down the goal into many small tasks that can be improved upon frequently.

yin yang horse symbolMartial arts: The art of building confidence, precision, timing, balance, agility, and more in both you and your horse.


Foundation: Focusing on the basics first while building a strong foundation you will have Fun with your horse. Confidence is key step in having a Harmonious Relationship with your horse. We help you and your horse gain confidence and improve your skills so that your horse will be able to perform your requests without hesitation. Once the basics are strong then performance goals can begin.

Participation If you have time to participate in the training we welcome you to join in. It is best if both human and horse learn at the same time. This way you will Gain Skills in continuing the horses education no matter where you and your horse are at.

Tricks: All work and no fun makes life dull for both you and the horse so we add Tricks into the training program. From nodding yes, to bowing on cue, to picking up your hat and handing it back to you. We enable it so on the days that you can not go riding the 2 of you can still have Fun Together.

Activities horse training horse grazing 2 horse grazing
Education Rates
Coaching / Schooling / Training
Coaching / Lessons Training
  • Private = $60
  • Semi-private = $42 per person
  • Mini-group = $34 per person when group is 4 or more.
  • Video file of Lesson with audio
    • $7 for video file.
    • $25 for voice commentary of lesson.
  • *Video Consultation*:.
    • $15 for each 10 minutes of video length you provide.
    • You will get a write up, audio recommendations overlay on your video, return video demonstrating what to try, or a combination of all 3.

Deferred until further notice

  • Block of 8 sessions = $320.
    • Your horse will get 50 to 75 minutes of training per session.
  • Single sessions
    • $15 for minimum of 20 minutes.
    • $0.75 for each additional minute.
    • ie. an hour is $45.
  • A la carte / Specific Task.   despooking, trailer loading, spins, slide stops, side pass, canter on correct lead, flying lead changes, etc.  
    • Horse must have good foundation first where horse can turn on front and hind end, back up, go forward, and stop at walks and trots.  
    • Expected result is horse will attempt task at least 80% of the time.  
    • Contact us for pricing.  
A personal blog entry specific to your or your horses most recent lesson - $10
Agreement Horse_Training_Contract.pdf
Boarding Rates
Monthly Option Weekly Option Daily Option
Facility provided Hay Private $400 $112 $30 in conjunction with events
$25 during non events

Premium Paddock

$365 $94

Basic Paddock

$365 $94
Agreement details Horse_Boarding_Contract.pdf

Please review the agreements for details on the different options or contact us at (303) 578-9093 / info@andersenacres.com

Some of the Education offered
  • Colt starting
  • Problem solving
  • Natural Horsemanship
  • Trail behavior
  • Reining
  • Tricks

*Summary of Training Guarantee: You will see an improvement in your horses attitude, skills, and responsiveness to cues. If you are not satisfied then you will only be charged for boarding of your horse and we will refund you back the difference.

Please view the Training Agreement for specifics on our Training Guarantee.

See snippets of a horse being trained to be ridden for the first time.
(video length approximately 3.5 minutes)

Facility Characteristics: 80 acres available plus easements. 72'x154' indoor arena. 3 round pens. 140' long main barn. 84' long secondary barn. Loafing sheds. Obstacles.

Please contact us via phone or email to enroll your horse in our training program or to board with us.

Contact: (303) 578-9093