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Take lessons.  Get "practice" discounts.

The best way to apply your gained knowledge and progress your skills is to practice.  Especially when you have a partner to do it with.

We want you to improve and to do so quickly.  After you take your first 4 lessons we will let you rent one of Andersen Acres horses for just $5 per day (additional terms apply).  As long as you continue to take lessons regularily you can continue renting one of Andersen Acres horses for $5.

For those that already have a horse and want to practice at Andersen Acres we will drop the normal facility rate to only $5 per day.  1/3 the cost of the normal rate!

Current boarders can take advantage of "practice" discounts too.  Continue to take reqular lessons and practice at least 2 hours a week then you will earn credit towards horse educational material.  *

* May not be combined with others offers