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I wanted to tell you how much I apreciate all you patience and time you have taken with me. I wouldn't want to take this journey with anyone else but you and your staff. You are a great bunch of people. thank you again for all your help.

Linda - Highlands Ranch, CO

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you and Andrea for taking care of my horses. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done. Thank you so much.

I could never re-pay you for all your care since no value can be put on what you do and more importantly how you do it.

I took Hermes on a trail ride today and he is absolutely flawless. He is the most amazing animal. I'm so grateful to you for everything you have done. He is just beautiful. We walked most of the time, trotted, and cantered...It was like he's done it all his life.

Anna - Aspen, CO

I would highly recommend Travis to anyone interested in natural horsemanship. I started with a young untrained horse, which is very unusual to do if one has had little very little experience with horses. However, Travis makes it work!! His horses are very people friendly and gentle, and Travis takes you step by step through his training program. He is a very patient and creative teacher. Travis helped me go places that I never thought possible. He also gave me great direction as far as buying tack. He is wonderfully knowledgeable about saddles, saddle fit, feeding, hoof care, etc. I don’t know of any other program where one can buy a horse, learn training techniques, and train her own horse for such reasonable rates. I came away with so much more than a wonderful horse; I came away with the tools to continue my journey of natural horsemanship.
Cari - Aurora, CO

Travis is an excellent trainer. I came to Travis to have my colt started and agreed to participate in the owner training program when Travis told me that I would learn a lot more and at the same time learn what my horse was learning. I am a 50 year old woman who has never had an un-started horse, so my confidence in my ability to train my horse was low. I learned so much during every lesson. Travis would assign a task and then supervise while I tried to do what he had told me. If! couldn't figure out how, then he would step in and give me suggestions. I came out to Andersen Acres everyday to practice what I had learned during my lessons and my horse and I have gone further together than I had ever expected. Travis is such a gentle, patient person, he never made me feel badly for not being able to do exactly what he wanted me to do the first time, he just kept telling me to relax. This alone helped me to be able to figure out how to keep going and that it is okay to be a clutz. I would recommend anyone to go to Travis, whether they have a small question, or a couple of things that don't quite work right. Travis's rates are very reasonable and he is great at assessing and helping to solve whatever the problem is quickly.

Thank you Travis.

Margaret - Boulder, CO

Travis has been such a big help to me and my mare, Colby. While her ground training had gone very well, once I got on her it was a struggle to communicate with her every time I rode...until finally every time I saw her I grew sad because I didn't even want to ride her anymore (and thought of getting out of riding altogether). Still, she is such a sweet and beautiful mare with a lovely soft jog that I wanted to give her (and me) another opportunity to work out our relationship. So I sent her off to Travis, she did so well with him and yet did not respond to me the same way. That's when I realized how ESSENTIAL it is to take lessons along with your horse. So I made the commitment and came out for weekly lessons and it has made a world of difference! Now I look forward to our time together and though she is still learning (as am I) we work more as a team. Increasing my patience was one skill that proved helpful but I think the most important lesson for me was in learning to become a problem solver to obtain the behavior I desire from her. Thanks, Travis!
Teresa - Parker, CO

Travis is a diamond in the rough as far as trainers go. I just sent my girlfriend to him and she will be bringing her horse up to his place this wknd for some " rough around the edges " touch up. He is as close to a horse whisperer that I have seen as I was getting no where with my paint/arab gelding using a mixture of Lyons and Parelli round penning and a Parelli trainer "wanna be" when he was 2. Tucker has a trust issue, and was frightened of his own shadow . Travis did allot of ground work on him the first month and got on him also. No one else would get on him including me as I had already had my fill with my first mare when she was 4.  Shes 17 now and a creme puff but was a total spaz at Tuckers age. She is also his mom. I'm 42 now and not up to training  anymore plus have too many time constraints. I did ride Tucker last summer and he did really well. Its mostly my fault for not keeping up with what Travis teaches, but I am confident that he will do just fine this summer. I will probably see Travis in May with Tucker as I had to bring him home alittle early last yr.  and he needs a bit more time with Travis. I also think his rates are very reasonable and find him to be honest and sincere regarding questions and the ability to really see into the horse and  his personality.

Joy - Sedalia, CO

Thank you for your uniquely special approach to buying a horse. I first found your website through equine.com while looking for the right quarter horse. You introduced me to my beautiful sorrel mare, Rookie. Your introduction was not just a simple meet, greet, and buy. Instead you took the time to introduce us by training us together to be a both a team and pals.
I had not ridden seriously in quite a few years and was making the transition from English dressage to Western trail. Rookie was an energetic three-year-old mare who had never been under saddle, much less ridden. At the end of three months of training we both have come a long way.
Thank you for your patience and reassurance while showing Rookie and me how to be ridden and ride Western style. I have no doubt that we have established a friendship that will take us both many miles on the trail.

Debbie - Loveland, CO

I just wanted to thank you guys so much for helping me and Hickory learn so much together. She's quickly becoming my best friend for life and I have you guys to thank for it! ...You guys have the best program ever, and it's helped me learn a lot, and find Hickory! ...I appreciate what both of you have done for me, and for Hickory! Thank you both so much.

Rachel - Keenesburg, CO