How do I get my horse to circle around me?

Lets get him to want to move forward when you lightly tap his hips. You will be using the end of a rope or a dressage whip or stick about 4 feet long, and lightly taping his hips while you are holding your lead rope with at least 3 feet of slack in it between your grip and the halter. You will be about your arms length away from him on his left side but facing his shoulder. Keep you left arm down (the one holding the lead) and start tapping his hips till he moves forward a step then immediately stop tapping him. If he turns into you and trys to go to your left side while he takes the step let him. He at least went forward. Do this at least 3 times. He should have the concept down by that point. Now this time hold your left arm up and while holding the lead point in the direction you want him to go before you tap him. Since your arm is up it will appear to be a barrier to him so he will hesitate wanting to go into you and most likely will go forward 2 or 3 steps in order to go around your arm. Practice this a few times. When he goes forward consistantly then try just holding your lead hand up. He should start to go on his own because he knows if he doesn't start moving forward then the other hand will start tapping him. If he doesn't just lift the other hand and pause for half a second. He may start going at that point. If not then proceed with tapping again.

Once he is consistant at going forward with you just pointing and then turning around you when he reaches then end of 3 feet of rope then gradually allow more rope out so he can make a bigger circle around you. If he gets confused with the bigger circle then try making the circle a tad smaller but still try to keep the radius bigger then the 3 feet you started with. You can also try glaring at his hip when you want him to move and if he still gets a little confused then lift the other hand as you did before you were going to tap him. This will add an additional push to get him started.

One last thing, once he is moving forward with you holding your arm out in the direction you want him to go drop that arm. If he stops then raise it back up again. We want him to circle around you until you say otherwise. At the same time we don't want you having to hold your arm up constantly.

Later on you'll want him to stop. Just say the sound you want to use to have him stop and then become really relaxed and look at the ground until he stops.