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...No, not adoption program.

Horse Adaptation Program.

The Horse Adaptation Program or HAP is a program that makes it easier to afford and gain extra knowledge and instruction in natural horsemanship. We are offering 10%-30% discounts on all forms of horse education such as lessons, training, behavior, communication and more. You and your horse are adapting to new changes in each others life as you get to know each other which is why our program is called the Horse Adaptation Program.

In these modern times most horses and their owners experience less time together than they did 40, 20, or even 10 years ago. Our lifestyles change quickly and so the time we spend with our horses is limited. If we can get the most out of our time then we'll have more time for pleasure riding activities or perhaps showing or competing. With the limited time we have wouldn't it be better to learn sooner rather than later with your horse?

The Horse Adaptation Program encourages and provides an opportunity to learn and grow with your horse in what ever methods work best for you. We want you and your new horse to have a harmonious relationship and one of the best ways to do so is through learning natural horsemanship and participating together. When you acquire a new horse from any seller or rescue group Andersen Acres will give you 25% off of our educational services for one year. Our services include lessons, video consultations, clinics given by us, and demonstrations.

Not only is the Horse Adaptation Program applicable for horses purchased from Andersen Acres but for any horse acquired within a years time. The 25% discount on services is valid from the date you received your new horse. However if you do purchase one of Andersen Acres horses we will apply an additional 5% so you'll get 30% off of our educational services.

We believe so much in learning and progressing in your horsemanship skills that during the first 6 months of acquiring your new horse we will even pay 10% of the costs of any other horse trainer's or clinician's educational material or service up to 10% of the cost of the horse if your new horse was one purchased from Andersen Acres.

The methods you choose to learn, either by reading, watching videos, listening to inspirational messages, or actively participating in clinics and more will all help you and your horse become great partners together. We all learn differently and we want you to take advantage of it.

Visit www.AndersenAcres.com, Facebook.com/andersenacres, YouTube.com/user/andersenacres or contact us at info@andersenacres.com or call (303) 578-9093 for more information about Andersen Acres and to set up a time to visit us so that you can build your knowledge and relationship now.